The Chinese organization TyLoo have completed the transfer of Zhen «HZ» Huang from AllGamers.

The 26-year-old Zhen «HZ» Huang who has been on loan at TyLoo since January has officially been acquired from AllGamers. HZ‘s tenure at AllGamers started in April, 2016.

HZ was loaned from AllGamers when TyLoo had a dispute with three of their playersYuanZhang «AttackeR» Sheng, YuLun «fancy1» Cai, and HaoWen «somebody» Xu. AttackeR and somebodyreturned to the team while fancy1 went on to play for Flash.

TyLoo acquired HZ from AllGamers

Since joining TyLoo, HZ attended WESG 2016 World Finals and DreamHack Masters Las Vegas where his team finished 5-8th and 13-16th, respectively. In addition, TyLoo have recently qualified for SL i-League StarSeries Season 3 Finals which will take place from April 4-9.

Here is TyLoo‘s current roster:

Ke «Mo» Liu
Zhen «HZ» Huang
Hui «DD» Wu
YuanZhang «AttackeR» Sheng
HaoWen «somebody» Xu

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